About Us

A new kind of food hall

We’ve reimagined the food hall experience, bringing neighborhood hospitality to you, in a convenient atmosphere. Craften is built by the community for the community. Grab a drink after work, watch the game on the big screen, catch up with friends and feed the whole family; come by and see what we mean when we say Craften is for all.

The Craften Story

Born out of our love for the local food scene, craft drinks and the desire to bring communities together.

Craften is part craft cocktails, part craft kitchens and 100% a space for all to enjoy. Having been lovers and workers in the food and beverage industry for most of our lives, it’s been a longtime dream of ours to create a place where friends and families can enjoy great food and drinks together, all in one convenient spot.

Although some might call us a food hall, we hope you find Craften to be a little bit more. Offering a variety of options from carefully curated food concepts, the convenience goes beyond having options. No more are the days of splitting up to order food or jumping back in line to get a second round of fries or drinks. At Craften, the food, drink and good times are all connected, making convenience and hospitality our priority at Craften. Whether you’re looking to grab a drink outside after work, making date night plans for the weekend or need a quick bite on the go, we want Craften to be your answer.

An oasis of good times, Craften is the place to unwind over some solid drinks and food, away from everything else, right in your backyard. Come say hey to your neighborhood Craften bartenders and enjoy an experience crafted for you.

We look forward to being a part of your neighborhood.


Craften Co-Founders Kip Downer and Max Trujillo